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Oped Column’s submission guidelines:

When sending/submitting us an article for publishing or re-publishing on Oped Column Magazine, please write in the subject of the email: “Submission to Oped Column Magazine“.

Send us your biography/details so that we can publish this with your articles and in your tagged page. We prefer that you send us a detailed biography so that we can publish it on your tagged page, and we’ll make a summary of this detailed biography in order to publish it with your articles. Please note that you have to do this only once: only the first time.

Submit your articles [opinion, commentaries, blogs] to Oped Column Magazine at opedcolumn[AT], only after you have read the following “terms of submission”.

Re-publish your article which is already published elsewhere
Following are Oped Column Magazine’s terms of submissions for re-publishing articles:

1. By sending/submitting us an article — which has been published elsewhere previously — for re-publishing on Oped Column Magazine (hereafter referred to as the OCM), you are acknowledging and declaring that:

  • you reserve/retain all the necessary intellectual property rights to allow us to re-publish the article or the original publisher generally allows re-publishing of its contents/materials.
  • no liability or responsibility will be incurred on OCM‘s part if publishing any article on the OCM violates another publisher’s rights.

2. When submitting an article for re-publishing on the OCM, please let us know whether we have to mention the phrase “first published on [publication]” or “originally published on [publication]” as per the policy of the first/original publisher.

Submit an article exclusively to us:

The right place to submit an unpublished article exclusively to us is: our syndication service website, Oped Column Syndication (click here to visit the site and read the submission guidelines).

By sending/submitting an article to Oped Column Syndication (OCS) for publishing it on the OCS website, you are allowing OCS to further publish/re-publish the article on this site, i.e. Oped Column Magazine.


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