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About Us


We publish opinions and views about current international news and affairs. We publish FEW, yet QUALITY, opinion pieces from the leading as well as emerging thought-leaders.

What We Do

We publish from three sources

Contributors: We publish those pieces that contributors submit to us. We have various types of contributors – those who regularly submit articles to us, those who submit occasionally and those who make one-time submission.

Oped Column Syndication: We publish oped-columns from our associated syndication service website, namely Oped Column Syndication.

Outside sources: We publish pieces from outside sources, including think-tanks & research organizations, publishing-websites and reputed blogs. When we publish from outside sources, we make sure we don’t violate any intellectual property rights.

We publish few – yet quality – opinion pieces

We publish opinions and views on current international news and affairs.

We don’t put burden on the readers as to what to read among an ocean of opinions and contents, as we publish few – yet quality – pieces from selected leading and emerging thought-leaders.

Our policy of publishing fewer pieces are driven by our intention to avoid overcrowding and confusing the readers’ choice of reading opinion pieces.

More About Us

This is our passion

Presenting our readers the views and analyses of the thought-leaders gives us immense pleasure, as by doing this, we help the readers to understand those news they read and watch on newspapers and television.

Proud to be Global, and Local

The pieces we publish are written by authors who come from diverse culture, race, and profession as well as different geographic locations. Hence, their views are local for the readers of their country, but global for those who live in other places.

Associates & Partners

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Oped Column Politics
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