Sea Level Rise, Bangladesh, Asia Pacific (Photo: Bahauddin Foizee on MotamotOvimot.Com) | OPED COLUMN Magazine

Asia-Pacific’s Coastal Inhabitants Becoming Climate Refugees

[Bahauddin Foizee]
While coastal areas of countries like Bangladesh, India, the Philippines and Sri Lanka would disappear gradually, other small island nations like Micronesia and the Maldives would be submerged under water almost completely, turning millions of inhabitants living in these countries into climate refugees.



Russia's Vladimir Putin and Middle East flag | OPED COLUMN Magazine

In Middle East, Russia is Filling-in Gaps Left Blank by the U.S.

[Manish Rai]
Russia’s military might, egarness to supply arms without conditions attached, growing diplomatic reach to almost all sides of the ongoing disputes, and reliability to save allies are some of the factors that could enable Russia to dominate regional landscape for a long time to come.

Yemen Flag on Map | OPED COLUMN Magazine

A New War in Yemen

[Manish Rai]
Although the fighting in the south has stopped for the time being, there’s this possibility that the prevailing agitating atmosphere in the south could easily lead to a full fledged armed conflict between the Hadi government and the southern separatists.